Questions in topic: Events

To join the event you should find the one you like and then click Join event link in event listing. You'll be added there automatically.
Yes. You can do it in Events section-My calendar-Create event. When adding the event you can make it regular or have it only once, may require a flyer to be shown at the entrance. You can upload your own for others to print out.
Yes. When you are at your event page, you can press a button Invite friends. You'll be transferred to your Hot list to invite your friends for the party.
You can use a search by country-region-city to view events in your city. Also there's a calendar that lists all events available for you to visit.
If you want to leave the event, just press Leave event link and you'll be unsubscribed from it.
Yes any time you can leave a comment on the event. You can also upload event photos after it's over.
When checking events listings, you can see how many people have joined and view their profiles by clicking this link.