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This section allows you to manage your site profile, styles, layout; You can control your payments and statistics, keep your bookmarks and other sites links, manage your activities with to-do list.
You can see all statistics from a site gathered in one place (views, kisses, contacts etc). Also in Billing history section you can see your payments stats. You can also view your events statistics by clicking My events statistics link. You'll be transferred to your events page.
We know that you, as many other site users, join various social networks and it's good to have everything in one place. So that's why we added this section for you to store public links to your other sites profiles. It's secure. It's only for your usage.
Go to Organizer- Homepage management - My page layout. There you'll be able to interactively switch on/off existing site sections and view the result. For example you can switch off Shot box from showing for you ever after.
You can use option in Organizer - Homepage management - My page styles. Use question marks to identify the location of the styles setting and edit the colors and upload or adjust background image.

After you make the changes, save and next time your users will see your profile completely personalized. If you want to see it, press View Result.
Calendar displays links to your to-do list. So to add any activity you should press Calendar Management link and then Create new activity button. After you add name, title description and timeline you can save and it'll be displayed in the calendar.

You'll be able to click your activity and view the data.
You can use Billing history section. At that page you'll be able to use online calculator to add sums.

Sent to Payment Systems - shows how much you paid through site payment systems

Income and spending- show money that come to your account. Admin might put some on your account or you earned with system services and special offers.
My account status - shows current status of your account and timeline for it to expire.