Questions in topic: Blogs

Go to MY COMMUNICATION> My Blog section in the main menu.

      Click "Add Post" in My Blog section and add texts in editor.

      [ b ] is to make the texts Bold
      [ i ] is to make texts in Italics
      [ u ] is to underline your texts
      [url] is to insert link into a post
      [img] to add image to the texts
        Hidden post - activate this section if you do not want post to appear for the public.
          Users can post comments - this section allows your visitors add comments to your posts.

Click Save and your post will be displayed on a site!
In a calendar you can see links to the posts you have added to your blog by dates. So your visitors will be able to search through your Blog and read more articles, leave more comments!
In My Blog section you have Friends page. It shows those blogs that your friends in Friends list have.

To add a blog to Friends section, you should go to a person's page add him/her as a friend.
You should go to read a post and click a link Add comment to add new one. Or when looking through the posts, you can click Add comment link to add comments.
We check the bad words used in all texts of our site so the abuse words won't appear at your blog. If you have any trouble, please Contact Us!